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Dynamic Websites

Don't settle for a static website that just sits there like a pretty dummy. Barth Technologies can make your website dynamic - adding powerful features to make your site work for you:

Take advantage of this technology and add to it the power of the internet.

Internet Visibility

The marketing team at Barth Technologies takes advantage of the power of the internet - social media, WEB sites, email, database, text-to-cell, blogs, FaceBook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and review sites like Trip Advisor, Yelp, and Zagat - to increase your internet presence, and gain greater visibility so that you can reach your goals.

More Information

We have a lot to tell you.

After you review our mini client reference list below and if you want additional information, please contact us to discuss our cost-effective "Get Noticed" marketing programs for small or start-up businesses: Email:     Phone: 619-838-6549.
To learn the Three Key Secrets to Gaining Greater Visibility on the Internet, click here.

Client Web Sites

Senior Golfers


Barth Technologies did everything for us - our photography, our web
site design, our content, our graphics, our registration data base, and automated email follow-up.




A photo shoot with Barth Technologies turned into a web site with a slide show for each of my architectural design specialties - kitchens,
baths, living spaces, and even
home exteriors.


MPC Hawaii

With virtually a $0 budget, our church has one of the best websites ever. And Barth Technologies even updates
it for us every month.



We're a very small, start-up company that Barth Technologies put on the map.
Social media was the cheapest way for us to get noticed. They tied it all together for us.



In addition to our photography, our web site design, and its content,
Barth Technologies also automated the collection of emails, maintained our prospect data base, and did
our email blasts. One of their team even edited our newest book, Golf From the Inside Out, published it using "on-demand" technology and listed it on Amazon.